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Functionalities provided by this tool:

- Create forward rules for set of email addresses.

- Delete previously created forward rules from set of email addresses.

Uses Exchange Web Services to create Inbox rules and is supported only with Exchange 2010 SP1 or higher.


Exchange Online Screenshot.


Steps to create rules using this tool:

1. Use Exchange account having "AppImpersonation" privilege.

To use Exchange Powershell with Exchange Online: Refer here.

Create new RoleGroup ( Since Exchange uses RBAC, it will be easier to manage)

New-RoleGroup CRMRG -Role "ApplicationImpersonation"

Add-RoleGroupMember CRMRG -Member <UserName>


2. Provide above user's credentials and other properties in the tool.

You may choose to auto-discover the EWS endpoint or explicitly provide it.


3. Keep adding email addresses for which you want to create Forward mailbox rule.


4. Click on Create button to create rule in each mailbox.

It will ignore if the rule with same name already exists for the mailbox.

Format followed for Rule's name is: "MSCRMForward<Forward Mailbox Address>". Same as in Microsoft CRM's Rule Deployment Wizard.


5. Click on Delete button to delete rule in each mailbox if it is present.



- Clicking on Create/Delete freezes the UI for few seconds as the same UI thread is getting used for processing. Please wait for the UI to respond. 

- Tool is not using SecureString to keep the password in-memory, so avoid providing process dump to anybody.


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